Irrigation Product Buyers' Guide

Published online: Feb 08, 2019 New Products
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This buyers' guide appears in the February 2019 issue of Sugar Producer.

There aren’t many things prettier than a beautiful, green field being watered, the summer sun hitting the spray and making a rainbow that follows you as you drive past.  But there’s a lot more to getting a good crop than just pumping water on your field with whatever equipment is cheapest and most readily available. Our buyers’ guide features some of the most innovative irrigation equipment on the market, custom-made for your farm’s success.

2Fuel Technologies

(210) 846-6182

Dual Fuel Engines

Backed by research and development from the Propane Education & Research Council, the 2Fuels dual fuel system technology allows producers to bring diesel engines into compliance with ever-increasing emissions standards without purchasing new equipment. This innovative dual fuel system offers ag producers the opportunity to use propane in existing diesel engines to provide additional power, savings and emissions compliancy.

Manufactured by 2Fuel Technologies, 2Fuel systems are designed to convert conventional diesel engines to operate on a blend of both propane and diesel. 2Fuel Technologies specializes in the development of these systems and is the first to produce a system that is CARB-certified, has achieved “OEM” EPA certification, and is the only dual fuel system manufacturer commercialized as a Tier 1 supplier.

The dual fuel system is an especially effective solution for producers who would like to bring Tier 2 and Tier 3 diesel engines into compliance without purchasing a new engine.

Producers purchasing dual fuel systems can also qualify for the Propane Farm Incentive Program for additional savings of up to $3,000. More information about this program is available at



(800) 922-8375

Rainstar Reel System

Almost 40 years ago, Bauer introduced its irrigation reel system. Much has happened since then. Bauer has not rested on its laurels; rather, the company has worked to further develop its system. Through innovations such as the introduction of turbine technology and the production of its own gearboxes and turbines, Bauer has been able to further improve its products and business. Decades of experience in the field have given rise to new technologies, including the current Bauer Rainstar family. Rainstar stands for robust construction and long service life under the most difficult conditions. Every customer will find just the right solution from among 70 Rainstar models.

Bauer booms are economical, easy to handle, and gentle on plants and soil. Irrigation with Bauer boom carts offers particularly fine precipitation, protecting both plants and soil.


Reinke Manufacturing Co.

(402) 365-7251

Advanced Plus Control Panel

The RPM Advanced Plus main control panel combines multiple controls with a simple-to-use touchscreen. 

Advanced Plus makes controlling pivots easier while offering enhanced options without the need to upgrade to the Preferred Panel, saving growers money. The panel is easy to program, giving growers access to the electronic flow meter input, independent pump control, pressure restart and much more.

Advanced Plus is ReinCloud-Ready, which makes it easier for growers to have remote access control for increased efficiencies and peace of mind. It’s available with new systems and as a panel replacement or upgrade on existing RPM panels. The product comes with a five-year warranty.

Annex Pivot Controller

Reinke’s RPM Annex pivot controller wires into main control panels and allows growers to upgrade to the latest technology by “annexing” their existing panels.

This device can provide the user interface and controls of Reinke’s RPM Preferred, RPM Advanced Plus or RPM Connect. Annex allows growers with standard-type main control panels to utilize telemetry. Because Annex is compatible with all center pivot brands, growers can upgrade any of their existing units to a Reinke panel.

Annex is ReinCloud-Ready, which includes remote access for monitoring and controlling pivots, the ability to manage multiple systems from one dashboard and notifications when there’s a change in the system’s status. Annex is available as an aftermarket component and also carries a five-year warranty.


Senninger Irrigation

(407) 877-5655

LDN Dynamic Drive

Senninger’s LDN Dynamic Drive brings a pressure range of 6 to 50 PSI and Senninger’s widest coverage diameter to top-of-pipe irrigation.

Built on the LDN sprinkler platform, the Dynamic Drive features easy-clean UP3 nozzles and a modular design that makes maintenance easier and more economical. This versatile design lets growers change the sprinkler’s deflector and extend the product’s life by replacing the primary wear components. The Dynamic Drive’s advanced brake technology, used since 2002 in Senninger’s solid-set product line, offers the optimum control and consistency needed for a wide, uniform application.

Available in two models based on desired pressure, the Dynamic Drive is available in a high- and low-pressure model. Both models feature a complete nozzle range from a #6 up to a #26 nozzle. That means growers can install one sprinkler model and one pressure regulator model across an entire machine, depending on their selected operating pressure.


Irrigation Accessories Co. (IACO)

(360) 896-9440

Boomback Automation

In conjunction with FluidPulse and its ValveCommander latching solenoid, IACO has achieved a breakthrough in bringing a dry wheel track solution to wipers, linears and center pivots that alternate directions. The ValveCommander replaces two three-way solenoids with a single four-way solenoid. This enables the use of much simpler valves, reducing friction loss and overall cost. IACO has engineered a reliable switching system, wired into an existing tower box, that activates the trailing set of Boombacks. When the pivot changes direction, the first set turns off, and the now-trailing set of Boombacks turns on. 

Quad Pod

The Quad Pod by IACO is a standalone support structure that transforms a traditional handline into an automated irrigation system.

Designed to work with a Big Gun, a valve and a wireless control, the Quad Pod easily and effectively automates water application in feedlots, diaries, pastures, berry plantings, sugarcane fields and irregular-shaped areas like pivot corners.

Quad Pod allows irrigators to:

  • Set up simple and reliable zone cycling;
  • Customize irrigation run times for different soil conditions, even within the same field;  
  • Set up a grid with enough Quad Pods and valves, thereby requiring the irrigator only to move the Big Gun and wireless control, even while the handline is pressurized.


Valley Irrigation

(402) 359-2201

Valley X-Tec

The Valley X-Tec motor is the perfect combination of speed and power. It can complete a pivot circle in half the time of most pivots, providing frequent, light applications to maintain surface moisture during germination. The X-Tec’s speed and power help to create a cooling canopy to protect crops from heat, help growers apply pesticide and fertilizer through the pivot, and eliminate erosion and prevent leaf damage in early stages of plant growth.

Valley Scheduling

Valley Scheduling advanced management software provides easy-to-understand irrigation recommendations based on real data from growers’ fields. The connectivity Valley Scheduling provides helps producers save resources by applying water and nutrients more effectively, reduce crop stress due to over- or under-watering, improve crop health and reduce disease, and increase yield potential and profitability.


T-L Irrigation Co.

(800) 330-4264

GPS Navigation Corner System

T-L Irrigation Co., the exclusive world manufacturer of hydrostatically powered pivot irrigation systems, has been awarded two patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its GPS navigation corner system.

These patents present the unique method of waypoint navigation that T-L has implemented for its GPS navigation corner system. Also included is the addition of a wheel angle sensor, exclusively offered by T-L, for improved track-on-track accuracy. Combined with T-L’s continuous movement, low maintenance and reliability of T-L’s universal hydrostatic design, the GPS navigation corner system represents the optimum in simplicity and pivot corner System performance.

Inject-O-Meter Mfg. Co., Inc.

(800) 545-4440

Agi-Tote Tank Mixer

Agi-Tote is ideal for mixing light-viscosity materials for chemigation or fertigations, or for chemical blends that need to remain in suspension. Inject-O-Meter offers a range of prop sizes from 3 to 6 inches. Customers can also add any number of props to the shaft to increase agitation. All props, shafts and hardware are constructed of stainless steel. Agi-Tote is easy to lift with its handlebar feature, and installs with a 6-inch screw cap to  270- or 330-gallon totes. Power options include single-phase, three-phase and 12-volt DC. Variable-speed drive is available with all power options.



(509) 301-0640


Tuctronics is a family partnership that has been engineering telemetry products for control and monitoring in agriculture for over 20 years. Tuctronics’ AgriNET is a cross-platform app that allows the user to access the data solutions from the company’s hardware and any third-party hardware. The idea is to bring all the technology a grower needs to make decisions into one app. 

The primary goal of Tuctronics’ soil moisture monitoring solution is to provide an accurate, quick method to view many probes at once to determine whether any sites need a closer look or irrigation adjustment.  Tuctronics takes the time to train new customers on graph interpretation and will recommend budget line levels until they feel comfortable enough to set their own. 

Tuctronics/AgriNET can fully support the products even if they don’t have boots on the ground in a particular area. The company quickly responds to troubleshooting and will ship parts with instructions and phone support as soon as needed. 


Lindsay Corporation

(866) 693-4353

FieldNET App

Lindsay  has added new features to its FieldNET mobile app. Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, the app includes enhancements that offer a more user-friendly experience with improved access, visibility and control of center pivots and lateral irrigation systems.

FieldNET technology offers seamless remote monitoring and control, integrating a grower’s irrigation tools and systems. The platform, which is compatible with almost any electric pivot brand, delivers real-time information, so growers can see exactly what their systems are doing and control them quickly and easily from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Key features and new, real-time functionalities now available via the FieldNET mobile app include:

  • The ability to enable or disable auto-restart and auto-reverse
  • Improved search tools for equipment and groups
  • The ability to shut down multiple pivots simultaneously
  • Displays time remaining for current circle or until the next stop
  • Streamlined status alerts now delivered via push notification, if desired
  • An improved one-touch method to access a free demonstration
  • Full access to daily variable rate irrigation (VRI) recommendations from FieldNET Advisor and the ability to put those plans into action remotely
  • The ability to select, edit and run precision VRI plans