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Seedex seed produces results

Published online: Nov 07, 2018 Feature
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This article appears in the November/December 2018 issue of Sugar Producer

Seedex’s strong genetics are precisely what it takes to produce the results growers expect. Seedex provides growers with multi-faceted disease tolerance, faster emergence and uniform stands. The strong vigor and purity of Seedex genetics ultimately results in good yield and sugar performance.

Michigan Sugar growers have watched Seedex genetics improve and exceed expectations, moving to the top in both the OVTs and Sugarbeet Advancement Trials.

SX 1264 was new in 2018 and was in the top five varieties last year. It is once again looking very good in regards to Cercospora and root aphid tolerance, and excellent recoverable white sucrose per acre (RWSA). Growers are already asking about it for 2019.

SX 1243 was in the top three varieties in RWSA across all trials the past three years, and continues to be a high-performing variety. With excellent Aphanomyces, Cercospora and Alternaria tolerance, it will yield and produce across Michigan and Ontario growing areas.

SX 1245N is an excellent nematode variety with good Cercospora and Rhizoctonia tolerance. It was one of the top in RWSA the last two years in Sugarbeet Advancement Trials, across all Michigan Sugar Company trials, and in the nematode nursery. It is a vigorous variety capable of producing while handling multiple stresses.

American Crystal Sugar growers in the Red River Valley will have a good choice of varieties to plant in 2019. The high purity of Seedex genetics is second to none and brings excellent recoverable sugar. Growers can plant newly approved SX Bronco, a high-sugar Aphanomyces specialty variety with excellent Rhizoctonia and Cercospora tolerance.

SX Marathon is a high revenue-per-acre variety with very good Aphanomyces and Rhizoctonia tolerance. It has been a top performer in official trials and is widely adapted to grow up and down the Red River Valley.

Snake River Valley growers in Idaho will continue to see strong vigor and high sugar in the Seedex varieties available to them. SX 1566N is a new variety that is excellent in yield, sugar per ton and sugar per acre. It has high nematode tolerance with excellent Rhizomania and powdery mildew tolerance as well.

SX 1578N is a new nematode variety up for approval for 2019. It is has great yield potential and sugar per ton. Watch strip trial results and the Amalgamated Sugar variety trial results for this variety.

Supply of Seedex varieties for each of these growing regions is looking very good as seed production harvest is completed and processing is underway.