• Becky B. Westerdahl
    Assoc. Professor
    Nematology, UC Davis
    Phone: 530-752-1405
  • Charles G. Summers
    Kearney Agricultural Center
    Phone: 559-646-6564
  • Kurt J. Hembree
    Farm Advisor, weed control and sugarbeet production
    Cooperative Extension Fresno County
    Phone: 559-456-7556
  • Larry D. Godfrey
    Assoc. Ext. Specialist
    Entomology, UC Davis
    Phone: 530-752-0473
  • Les Ehler
    Entomology, UC Davis
    Phone: 530-752-0484
  • Robert F. Norris
    Professor Emeritus
    Vegetable Crops/Weed Science, UC Davis
    Phone: 530-752-0619
  • Robert T. Lewellen
    Resident Geneticist, Plants
    Crop Improvement & Protection Research, USDA
    Phone: 831-755-2833
  • Stephen Kaffka
    Assoc. Specialist
    Agronomy and Range Science, UC Davis
    Phone: 530-752-8108
  • Thomas Turini
    Farm Advisor, plant pathology
    Cooperative Extension Imperial County
    Phone: 760-352-9474
  • U. C. Kodira
    Plant Pathologist
    Plant Pathology, UC Davis
    Phone: (916) 654-0435 (ext. 3615)
  • William M. Wintermantel
    Resident Plant Pathologist
    Crop Improvement & Protection Research, USDA
    Phone: 831-755-2824