What’s on Your Seed?

Published online: Mar 22, 2019 New Products, News
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Have you ever thought about things that look alike, but wondered if there are differences? For example, an alligator vs. a crocodile or a turtle vs. a tortoise. These things might look similar, but have some key differences. The same can be said about seed treatments. They may look similar when on the seed, but not all created equal. The differences could affect your return on investment, so it’s important to understand what sets Syngenta seed treatments apart from generics and competitor brands.

Innovation with Integrity

For 40 years, Syngenta has been on the forefront of seed treatment research and innovation, making deliberate, positive advancements in seed treatment technology. Our seed treatments are more than a.i.s on a seed and are comprised of application, services, products and stewardship insights that ensure a good experience for you.

Our seed treatments are thoroughly tested in various equipment to ensure:

  • Good treatment uniformity.
  • Accurate dose per seed.
  • Good seed flow.
  • Low dust-off.
  • Accurate planting.

Questions to Ask Your Reseller

Selecting a seed treatment that is right for your field and crop is an important decision. You should know what’s on your seed so you can make sure you’ll reap the reward of your investment. Here are some questions to ask your reseller about your seed treatment options:

  • Are there proven field trial results for the seed treatment?
  • Is the seed treatment guaranteed crop safe?
  • Who stands behind the seed treatment?
  • Is the treated seed easy to handle and plant?
  • How has the seed treatment performance been tested?
  • What active ingredient(s) are included?
  • What does the seed treatment protect against?
  • Does the seed treatment use the latest technology?
  • What will return the best value to my acres?

Since you have many choices and seed treatments are not created equal, what treatment will be on your seed this season?