Sentera Announces Real-Time Analytics for FieldAgent

Scouts can sample 100× more points and achieve better field coverage than manual methods

Published online: Mar 21, 2019 New Products
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Sentera FieldAgent now delivers instant plant population and weed pressure reports in the FieldAgent mobile app, while the drone is still in flight. Agriculture professionals can obtain up to 100 times more in-field measurements versus manual scouting methods and get better coverage all across the field. No memory card or post-flight processing is required. The analytics results are delivered live, as the drone flies.

“Our two most widely used analytics products can now deliver answers to our customers in real time,” says Sentera CEO Eric Taipale. “In-field scouting is about accurately assessing field conditions and giving scouts, agronomists and advisors that data to drive the best decisions for their customers. We’re making this process more efficient and more productive for our users.”

“When the drone begins capturing data, users immediately see the results right in the app,” says Sentera mobile developer Logan Cautrell. “The immediacy, coverage rate and accuracy will make our customers more efficient and give them a broader picture of the field.”

Real-Time Analytics showcases the combined flexibility and power of the DJI SkyPort architecture, the Sentera AGX710 sensor and Sentera’s expertise in machine learning and computer vision technology. For ag professionals, this means access to the fast, easy and complete stand count and weed pressure data. A user simply programs FieldAgent to autonomously scout a field and the system captures one to two images per acre, runs the analytics in real time, and instantly reports the data back to the user’s mobile device, right at the field edge. Calculations happen within seconds, and results are delivered instantly.

Using DJI SkyPort, Sentera is able to run analytics on the high-resolution, native image product in real time, as opposed to competitive systems that either run analytics on lower-resolution video, wait for images to download one by one, or require post-processing.

Real-Time Analytics is supported on DJI M200 and M210 systems equipped with Sentera AGX710 sensors and are currently offered for corn, soybeans and potatoes, with additional crop compatibility being added.

Over time, even more of Sentera’s 20 different analytics products will be available in real time, helping users achieve greater efficiencies with some of their most tedious and labor-intensive tasks.

“With FieldAgent’s Real-Time Analytics, scouts can ground truth areas of interest and instantly see results,” says Greg Thompson, director of sales at Sentera. “It allows a complete, integrated scouting mission to be completed before the drone even lands, expediting delivery of insights—something the industry has been seeking.”

FieldAgent’s Real-Time Analytics is an included feature of the AGX710 sensor. The solution is compatible exclusively with Sentera’s AGX710 sensor and DJI Matrice drone series. 

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