Fertilgold Organics Earns OMRI Listing for 21 Products

Published online: Mar 21, 2019 New Products
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Fertilgold Organics, a brand of organic fertilizer products from Bio Huma Netics, Inc., has achieved Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listing for 21 initial products. Of these, 13 OMRI-listed liquid crop nutrition products are based on the company’s proprietary nutrient carrier, Micro Carbon Technology, which carries nutrients to plants more effectively than traditional organic nutrition products.

OMRI-listed Fertilgold Organics products currently include:

  • Fertilgold N-5.5 (liquid: nitrogen)
  • Fertilgold NK (liquid: nitrogen and potassium)
  • Fertilgold K-6 (liquid: potassium)
  • Fertilgold B (liquid: boron)
  • Fertilgold Ca (liquid: calcium)
  • Fertilgold Co (liquid: cobalt)
  • Fertilgold Cu (liquid: copper)
  • Fertilgold Fe (liquid: iron)
  • Fertilgold Mg (liquid: magnesium)
  • Fertilgold Mn (liquid: manganese)
  • Fertilgold Mo (liquid: molybdenum)
  • Fertilgold Zn (liquid: zinc)
  • Fertilgold Micros I (liquid: a balanced mix of sulfur, boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc)
  • Fertilgold MicroHumic (dry: humic/fulvic acid)
  • Fertilgold Powder (dry: humic/fulvic acid)
  • Fertilgold Greens (dry: humic/fulvic acid)
  • Fertilgold 1–3 mm (dry: humic/fulvic acid)
  • Fertilgold K Hume (dry: humic/fulvic acid)
  • Fertilgold 6 mm(-) (dry: humic/fulvic acid)
  • Fertilgold Double Play (liquid: soil-applied fungicide and nematicide)
  • Fertilgold Triple Play (liquid: foliar-applied insecticide, miticide, fungicide)

These products are currently available for sale to commercial organic growers in select states (check availability at https://fertilgold.com/shop/), and they will soon be registered and available throughout the U.S. and in several other countries. Additional products that are currently undergoing review for OMRI listing are in the categories of soil fertility, macronutrients, liquid humic and fulvic acids, biopesticides, and surfactants.

“For years, customers of our best-selling Huma Gro crop nutrition and protection product line for conventional farming have been asking us to develop a fully organic product line that is also powered by our Micro Carbon Technology,” says Lyndon Smith, BHN president and CEO. “The folks on our product development team have done an outstanding job with creating the Fertilgold Organics products, which we think will redefine organic crop nutrition. We are offering a full line of effective products that have been designed to deliver true organic nutrition exactly when, where and how crops need it. Anyone familiar with the outstanding crop yield and quality results achieved by our Huma Gro products on the conventional farming side is going to absolutely love what Fertilgold Organics with Micro Carbon Technology (for the liquid products) will do for their organic crops.”

More information is available at www.fertilgold.com, which will provide ongoing updates regarding new products, OMRI-listed status for products, and state registration for each.