New Product: Ceres Center-Pivot Analytics Suite

Company launches first imagery solution for pivot-irrigated crops that uses AI to automatically detect and alert farmers of issues in their fields

Published online: Feb 27, 2019 New Products
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Ceres Imaging, an aerial imagery provider that enables proactive farm management by combining scientific-grade imagery with data analytics, announces the release of its Center-Pivot Analytics Suite, a full-service imagery solution specifically for pivot-irrigated row crops.

The Center-Pivot Analytics Suite is the first imagery solution that uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect, prioritize and alert growers of issues in their fields. The suite is specifically designed for growers and advisors managing over 1,000 acres, eliminating the need to sift through hundreds of images to detect issues. The Center-Pivot Analytics Suite is available to pivot-irrigated crops, including corn, soybeans, cotton and potatoes.

“Farmers expect more than a pretty picture from imagery,” says Ash Madgavkar, CEO of Ceres Imaging. “To be meaningful, imagery must be accurate and scalable and point to easy next steps.”

Known for its scientific accuracy in specialty crops, Ceres has been methodical about entering the pivot-irrigated market. Before entering the market, the company flew research fields from the University of Minnesota for independent validations and engaged in a limited release with targeted commercial growers.

“In contrast to other imagery providers that jump into new markets quickly without real scientific validation,” says Ceres vice president of science James McBride, “we’ve been more conservative with our expansion, waiting to enter until we were confident that we had the most accurate analytics on the market for detecting irrigation issues with imagery.”

There are three primary components to the Ceres Center-Pivot Analytics Suite:

  1. Patented imagery layers: Ceres combines scientific-grade image capture from fixed-wing planes, including visible/near-infrared and thermal cameras, in a patented imagery analytics process. The output is a suite of imagery layers such as its Water Stress Index, which accurately shows irrigation issues on pivot-irrigated farms, including clogged nozzles, pivot speed issues and other irrigation uniformity issues.
  2. Automatic issue detection: the Center-Pivot Analytics Suite is the only aerial imagery solution that automatically identifies potential in-field issues by tracking changes in the shape, size and magnitude of issues over the course of the season, while controlling for ambient weather conditions, wind and soil variation.
  3. Issue notification and prioritization: Issues are automatically ranked by the magnitude of the anomaly, and users are notified of high-concern fields that need their attention.

“In the past, we’ve been overwhelmed with what to do with imagery,” says Shannon Schurbert, owner of Caprock Irrigation, a Ceres retailer in Floydada, Texas. “We were impressed with the accuracy and level of insights that come with Ceres Imaging. The Cetner-Pivot Analytics Suite further separates Ceres Imaging from the pack and will make it possible for us to quickly sift through all potential issues and focus our time on the big issues our customers may be facing.”

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