Looking Forward

Betaseed continues to improve operations throughout North America

Published online: Nov 07, 2018 News Betaseed Staff
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This article appears in the November/December 2018 issue of Sugar Producer

As one of North America’s market leaders, Betaseed has access to world-class genetics and top-performing sugarbeet seed varieties. From its inception in 1970 through today, Betaseed genetics have been on more North American sugarbeet farms than any other seed brand. A dedicated, focused research and breeding program provides all 11 markets with progressive, high-performing sugarbeet seed varieties that have built the Betaseed brand up to be the most-recognized brand by sugarbeet growers.

Of the many reasons for Betaseed’s success, none is as important as the company’s re-investment into the research and breeding activities conducted across numerous sites and stations. New in 2018 was the grand opening of a new sugarbeet steckling storage facility in Othello, Wash. The new site has increased Betaseed’s steckling storage capacity while improving overall processing efficiency and effectiveness. The new site offers approximately 30,000 square feet of computer-controlled cold storage, processing equipment, general storage and office facilities.

“Our continued investment in new facilities represents a strong commitment to the future of the sugarbeet industry in North America,” says Betaseed president John Enright. “Sugarbeet growers can take comfort from the fact that seed produced and processed in Betaseed, Inc. facilities meets or exceeds seed production and processing standards.”

Plans for a new research seed production facility located in Ogden, Utah, are underway. This new facility will be dedicated to increasing productivity for sugarbeet growers. Future plans include seed production, both pre-commercial and regulated seed production activities and new trait development. The site has a capacity of eight to 10 acres for production, and the new building will feature 4,800 square feet of combined office and open warehouse space with anticipated full-scale production activities by 2020 or 2021. Another new research location is being constructed in Kimberly, Idaho, for the research and breeding programs of curly top and Rhizoctonia. The $7.8 million expansion offers new greenhouse spaces, 170 acres of irrigated crop land, a new machine shed and other buildings designed to support researchers’ efforts.

Demonstrated capability is critical to local market success. The Betaseed sales team of Jason Evenson and Lynn Dusek, located in the American Crystal region, recently completed harvest of their 2019 strip trial program. Their efforts augment OVT data and give growers the opportunity to look at new materials prior to official approvals. Combined results indicate that Betaseed hybrids continue to perform very well on farms and have provided good revenue.

For the 2019 growing season, Betaseed anticipates having nearly 60 varieties to market to all 11 growing regions in North America. All varieties are marketed with the exclusive BetaShield seed treatment packages, which offer protection crucial during seed emergence and stand establishment to help ensure that the seed hybrids achieve their genetic potential.

The Betaseed brand continues to be the leading sugarbeet seed provider in North America.