Vervaet Manufactures Quality Harvest Equipment

Published online: Jul 03, 2018 New Products
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Founded in 1958, Vervaet is a family-owned company located in the Netherlands. In the late 1960s, Frans Vervaet and his brother Marcel developed the first ever self-propelled tanker sugarbeet harvester and began selling it in the Netherlands and Belgium. Today, Vervaet is a well-known manufacturer of sugarbeet harvesters and its Hydro Trike slurry applicators.

Vervaet is known for its simple but high-tech machinery. This results in an inexpensive and low-maintenance machine that keeps its residual value much longer than the competition. Their large cleaning capacity makes Vervaet machines able to continue harvesting when others m ay have to stop.

Vervaet produces two model lines: the Beet Eater and the Q-Series.

The Beet Eater is a three-axle, nine-wheel machine with only one wheel per track. The machine is equipped with an MTU Mercedes 626-horsepower engine and has a 25-ton tank. 

The Q-Series is the lightweight model with two axles and a 510-horsepower DAF/Paccar engine.

Vervaet started distributing its machines in the U.S. in 2015. Several machines are sold in Michigan through Vervaeit dealer Tri-County Equipment. Vervaet is looking for new dealers in all beet areas outside Michigan. More information can be obtained by emailing