New Product: Reinke-UMC 740-U-AD 10/16 Wheel Gearbox

Published online: Jul 09, 2018 News
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Reinke announces a 10-year/16,000-hour warranty on its new Reinke-UMC 740-U-AD 10/16 wheel gearbox. The warranty is the longest gearbox warranty available in the industry for electric center pivots and lateral-move irrigation systems.

“Giving farmers added peace of mind is something we continually strive for in our product advancements and technologies,” says Reinke president Chris Roth. “We are proud to be able to offer this unprecedented warranty to our customers on our new gearbox.”  

The industry standard on an electric irrigation system gearbox warranty is eight years/8,000 hours. In 2010, Reinke increased its gearbox warranty to 10 years/10,000 hours.

The Reinke-UMC 740-U-AD 10/16 wheel gearbox features new high-torque gears made from materials that enhance gear lubrication. In a recent independent study, the new model was lined up against a competitor gearbox and a current Reinke gearbox model. The Reinke-UMC 740-U-AD 10/16 outperformed the other models in all testing.

In average gearbox load capacity testing, measuring the amount of load applied to the gearbox before it begins to “growl” or make noise (signaling the start of extreme gear wear), the new Reinke gearbox overpowered the other models by more than 22 percent, averaging more than 26,000 inch-pounds.

Average accelerated gearbox life testing resulted in the Reinke-UMC 740-U-AD 10/16 lasting twice as long as the comparative models, topping 18,000 hours. In a sustained gearbox oil temperature test, the new gearbox maintained a cooler average operating temperature, 15 degrees cooler on average, indicating more energy being channeled into moving the irrigation system and not producing excess heat.

“Our use of high-strength steel makes our pivots 20 percent lighter and 50 percent stronger,” says Roth. “This equates to less weight and less overall stress on components, which better solidifies the entire system. It’s this purposeful design of our irrigation systems that allows Reinke to continue to add to our list of industry-best warranties.”

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