BASF Introduces Engenia Herbicide Spray Tool

Easy-to-use resource puts critical weather requirements for applying Engenia herbicide in one convenient location

Published online: Apr 12, 2018 News
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BASF launched its latest stewardship resource to assist growers with on-target applications this season—the Engenia  Herbicide Spray Tool. The mobile-friendly website gives applicators key weather information at the touch of a button without downloading an application. The tool uses a phone’s location services or a desktop’s IP address to provide localized information for determining the right time to apply Engenia herbicide.

“Weather plays a big role in spray application decision-making,” says Logan Grier, BASF technical marketing manager of product stewardship. “We created a resource for growers that has all of the Engenia herbicide weather-related label requirements in one place and supplements the many other tools applicators can use when planning their Engenia herbicide application this growing season.”

The free tool, available at, covers all U.S. geographies and incorporates key Engenia herbicide weather-related label restrictions and considerations for the next 36 hours, so applicators can plan ahead. In addition to hourly temperature and cloud cover information, the spray tool also includes:

  • Inversion potential, which compares the temperature at ground level and two meters above the ground to provide the likelihood for an inversion;
  • Precipitation probability for the next 24 hours, which helps growers follow the 24-hour rain-free interval;
  • Time of sunrise and sunset, including a reminder that no nighttime spraying is permitted;
  • Wind speed and direction.

Paired with in-field observation at the time of application, along with BASF resources like spray checklists, online training and more, applicators can stay ahead of weed management issues in their fields.

“Stewardship is a top priority at BASF, and we know it is important to growers,” says Grier. “We reached out to them, listened to their concerns and developed resources they can use when planning for an Engenia herbicide application.”

The Engenia Herbicide Spray Tool was developed with proprietary forecasting technology from ZedX, Inc., which was acquired by BASF in April 2017. Since 1987, ZedX has been at the forefront of integrating weather and agronomic data to provide business intelligence that supports on-farm decision-making. 

To access additional Engenia herbicide stewardship resources, visit

The Engenia Herbicide Spray Tool can be accessed at

Engenia is a U.S. EPA restricted-use pesticide. Growers are encouraged to check with state pesticide regulatory authorities as additional requirements may be imposed by state regulatory agencies. Always read and follow label directions.