New Product: Amity Active Height Control

Amity Technology introduces Active Height Control for defoliators

Published online: Dec 30, 2017 News
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Active Height Control (ACH) from Amity Technology is the latest development in the next generation of defoliation. Proper defoliation requires the flails to be set to contact the crown of the beet.

With the ever-changing dynamics of soil type and condition, beet height, and the changing location of sprayer tracks, setting a defoliator has required compromise. This compromise costs profits in quality of defoliation and flail maintenance. To prevent these issues, Amity has developed its intelligent AHC system. Using parameters set in the seat of the tractor, AHC measures beet root height during continuous operation and automatically adjusts the defoliator height to maintain proper flail contact, preventing improper defoliation or root damage. These continuous adjustments benefit producers with decreased penalties and increased tonnage of their crop.

Together with Active Depth Control on Amity Technology sugarbeet harvesters, the AHC system on new Amity defoliators allows producers to effectively, consistently and efficiently harvest a clean and highly profitable crop. Active Height Control is available now on new 00 and 50 series defoliators for the 2018 harvest season.

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