‘Sugar Shorts’ Series Shares Story of Sugar

First video focuses on harvest and processing

Published online: Nov 08, 2017 News
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The American Sugar Alliance (ASA) is sharing the story of sugar through a video series titled “Sugar Shorts.” The first video in the series was released Nov. 7, and it examines how sugar is made.

“Sugar comes from sugarcane and sugarbeets,” the video explains.  “Though the end product is the same, the refining process for the plants is slightly different.”

Viewers are then taken from harvest, to processing facilities, and ultimately to the grocery store. The complex, multi-step process supports 142,000 jobs across the country, according to the ASA.

“Yes, it’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it because it keeps America supplied with a with an affordable, homegrown staple of the human diet,” the video concludes.

Future installments of the four-part series will examine sugar prices, sugar policy and the global sugar market.

America’s sugar farmers are among the most efficient in the world,” says ASA chairman Luther Markwart. “They produce an essential ingredient at an affordable price, but they couldn’t do it without the help of America’s no-cost sugar policy.”

That policy is being discussed as part of the ongoing Farm Bill debate, and some farm policy critics are angling to outsource America’s sugar needs. 

Markwart says the video series is meant to help the public better understand domestic production, the sugar policy debate, and the U.S. jobs and farms at stake if it’s weakened. 

The series will be available on www.sugaralliance.org and on ASA’s social media channels.