Lighthizer Claims Progress in NAFTA Talks

Published online: Sep 08, 2017 News Ken Anderson
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U.S. trade representative Robert Lighthizer says there was some progress in the second round of NAFTA talks in Mexico.

“I am pleased to report that we have found mutual agreement on many important issues,” Lighthizer says. “By the end of this round, we will have tabled over two dozen chapters, and I look forward to continued progress in Round 3 and the ones to follow.”

Lighthizer also mentioned agriculture in his remarks to reporters.

“I am hopeful we can arrive at an agreement that helps American workers, farmers and ranchers, while also raising the living standards of workers in Mexico and Canada.”

Media reports say agreements reached so far between the U.S., Canada and Mexico relate to less controversial parts of NAFTA and that the countries have not begun to deal with more complex areas.

The next round of NAFTA talks is set to begin Sept. 23 in Ottawa, Ontario.


Source: Brownfield Ag News