Boombacks reduces runoff

Published online: Jul 08, 2014
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Dr. Troy Peters, an extension irrigation specialist at the Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center in Prosser, Wash., has completed his research on the efficacy of Boombacks using Innovative Boom Technology (iBT) by IACO, and the results are impressive!

“A 23 percent reduction in run-off by the fifth pass.” The manuscript was accepted for publication in ASABE's journal, "Applied Engineering in Agriculture."

Dr. Peters is presenting at the Irrigation Association 2014 Irrigation Show on Nov. 19-20 in the Phoenix Convention Center. See his presentation and then visit Booth 1912 to learn more about the projected ROI that you can expect in as little as one season!

A common mistake in trying to reduce run-off is to speed up the pivot. Unfortunately, you are also reducing the amount of water being applied to your crop. By using Boombacks on the last third of a pivot in an alternating offset pattern to spread the water out you lower the Instantaneous Application Rate. By allowing the soil time to absorb all the water being applied, you practically eliminate run-off without under-watering your crop.