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Published in the February 2014 Issue Published online: Feb 14, 2014
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Nelson Irrigation R55A End of Pivot Sprinkler

Nelson Irrigation continues to take its proprietary Rotator technology to new levels. The R55A End of Pivot Sprinkler is changing the way growers irrigate with center pivots.

It can be used to pick up added acreage both throughout the full revolution of the pivot or just in the corners, depending on site specifics and irrigator preferences. It can be used in conjunction with a higher volume Big Gun sprinkler or on its own.

The R55A is to be mounted in an upright position at the end of the overhang. It can always remain on, turn on via a solenoid on an 800 series valve or work under the logic of a linked control system with a SR100/800P Valve or SRNV100 (Nozzle Valve). This part-circle, multi-stream sprinkler operates under the same principles of other Rotator sprinklers.

The R55A has a braking mechanism that controls the rotation of the sprinkler plate. The highly engineered plate geometry turns the water flow into multiple streams. Optimized, wind-fighting droplets project out far, while gentler droplets fall in near—filling in the water pattern. Water hitting the plate drives the rotation while the rotator brake maintains a uniform speed. Possibilities abound as irrigators around the world see this new end of system advancement.

IACO Hose Booms


Installing Part-Circle Rotators on Hose Booms minimizes wheel tracking issues and maximizes the effectiveness of part-circle devises as compared to mounting on straight drops. The IACO Hose Boom is the only boom recommended by Nelson for use with the Part-Circle Rotator.

Whether you are using tried-and-true water dispersal units requiring a length of hose or the latest technology in part-circle units, the Hose Boom takes it in stride. Leave a length of hose hanging or pull it up close to absorb side force and control rotational torsion.

The Hose Boom features a unique torque clip and side-force control fitting to hold the part-circle water pattern in place. With built-in dampening you have system stability and extended wear life.

Sixteen feet of 17-gauge galvanized tubing means a full 15 feet of offset. With 24 feet of hose already installed, you have a totally non-corrosive connection—no more rust flakes. New galvanized brackets with slotted holes make for easy assembly. IACO now manufactures a 10-foot Hose Boom, providing just the right amount of offset necessary when installing PC-R3000 Rotators.

Lindsay Growsmart

Lindsay Corporation, maker of Zimmatic irrigation systems, announces the addition of soil moisture monitoring and a weather station to its Growsmart by Lindsay product line.

These plug-and-play add-ons use a wireless connection to report relevant weather and soil water data from the field to a secure customer account on the Web. FieldNET by Lindsay software and supporting mobile apps provide the graphical user interface, convenience and reporting growers need to make more informed irrigation decisions.

The Growsmart sensors are designed to provide growers information that enhances irrigation management using FieldNET’s management tools, which allow growers to remotely monitor and control their entire irrigation system.

The soil moisture monitor and probes can be named for quick reference and linked to the associated fields.

The state-of-the-art weather station includes sensors for wind speed and direction, solar radiation, air temperature, humidity, precipitation and calculated evapotranspiration.


Irrometer IRROmesh Wireless System

The Irrometer Company of Riverside, Calif., has released its new solar-powered IRROmesh System for the agricultural market.

It simplifies irrigation management for precision farming like never before. Solar-powered nodes “talk” to each other, relaying critical data for site-specific irrigation management. This self-initializing, self-routing and self-healing mesh radio incorporates Irrometer’s popular Watermark Soil Moisture Sensors and can transmit to the web for cost effective and convenient 24/7 data access.

This system was developed in conjunction with iDUS Controls, Ltd., an intellectual property-based technology company.

Together with their 900 Monitor Series, the Irrometer Company offers simple solutions for data monitoring and irrigation management all over the world.

Agri-Inject Apply Yourself App

Whether one is calibrating a planter, crop sprayer or injection pump for chemigation, it seems there is always too much time and math involved, making the process an often unwelcomed necessity.

Fortunately, Agri-Inject has at least made the process of injection pump calibration a snap with a new “Apply Yourself” app that is appropriate for a wide range of industries. Available in versions for both Android and iOS devices, the Apply Yourself app is designed to take the frustration and guesswork out of calibrating an injection pump for virtually all agricultural, nursery, turf or green industry application.

“To calibrate any Agri-Inject pump, the producer simply selects the appropriate pump in the app and enters the basic details of the chemical application,” said Neal Saxton, director of global sales for Agri-Inject. “The Apply Yourself app immediately gives him the proper setting of the pump and the amount of liquid product that pump should deliver during calibration.”

To make it even easier, the Apply Yourself app includes a handy timer function with both visual and audio alerts to time the calibration event, all the while displaying the exact target volume the user is trying to hit. No more calibration worksheets. No more stopwatches.

To download a free version of the Apply Yourself app, visit, fill out the form and download the app to your device.


Senninger PSR-2 Pivot Special Regulator

Senninger’s PSR-2 Pivot Special Regulator is the ideal pressure regulator for systems prone to plugging.

It’s designed with an inlet configuration featuring a smooth, slide-like surface for easily passing fibrous debris common to surface water.

Senninger pressure regulators maintain a constant preset outlet pressure with varying inlet pressures by preventing pressure fluctuations and flow deviations caused by changes in system demand, water supply, elevation changes and/or friction loss, which can cause an applicator’s area of coverage to change. They are all 100 percent water-tested for accuracy and constructed out of high-impact engineering-grade thermoplastics for strength and durability.

The PSR-2 is backed by a two-year warranty on materials, workmanship and performance.


Valley Irrigation BaseStation3

The new BaseStation3 from Valley Irrigation is the most innovative, state-of-the-art irrigation management solution on the market, pushing monitoring and control technology to the next level.

This powerful farm management tool lets growers remotely manage all their irrigation equipment, including pivots, linears, solid set, subsurface, pumps and gensets. It gives growers more control, more freedom and improved quality of life.

BaseStation3 offers the option of a cloud-hosted installation or hosting the application on a centralized PC at the farm or operation headquarters. Users can select cellular, data radio or satellite options, and can access BaseStation3 from any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone with Internet access. BaseStation3 also offers iOS- or Android-native apps and generates alert notifications in voice call-out, email and text message.

BaseStation3 was designed to accommodate any type of installation, size of operation and management practice. It can be easily upgraded as an operation grows. It allows for multiple, simultaneous users and provides tiered levels of access and security. Enhanced soil moisture monitoring allows users to keep tabs on their fields’ needs and create useful, versatile data reports.


AMS Gator Probe


This one-of-a-kind soil probe offers the benefits of a closed-end soil probe, but the hinged jaw quickly transforms the unit into an open-ended probe.

This provides easy access to the entire soil core. A side foot-peg allows the user to easily step the probe into the ground.

The Gator Probe is ideal for composite sampling or field extraction of representative cores for subsequent analysis by a soil lab.

Nebraska Irrigation RainTec Pivot Cable


Nebraska Irrigation offers a better alternative to your power supply cable needs. RainTec pivot cable offers many valuable benefits to provide growers a better, faster and more viable option to meet their power supply needs.

RainTec pivot cable is a UL-approved product. The outer PVC jacket is heavy-duty yet very flexible and contains a proven rodent-repellent additive that keeps rodents from chewing into the cable. The cable itself is twisted inside the compacted jacket to eliminate nearly all slippage.

RainTec is easier and faster to install, as it can be knifed in instead of being trenched. It is also sequentially marked in feet on the jacket. RainTec pivot cable is available in all sizes from No. 4 to 500MCM. It is also available with optional 2-No. 12 and 7- No. 12 control wires in the same jacket. RainTec can be shipped in master reels or cut to length for any application.