Schmeiser SGB Grader Blade Series

Published in the January 2014 Issue Published online: Jan 03, 2014
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T. G. Schmeiser Company Inc. introduces the Schmeiser Grader Blade (SGB) Series now available in 20-, 30-, and 40-foot working widths.

The SGB offers high-quality grading where laser and precision scrapers are not necessary, as well as performing a superior final seedbed preparation for small grains. Built to maximize daily productivity, the 40-foot-wide working blade is ideal to cover more land with fewer passes in less time, saving both fuel and labor costs. The smaller widths are designed to fit into smaller areas where tight turns and passes are necessary. The folding tongue reduces the transport width for all units to 8 feet allowing the graders to be easily transported to multiple sites for optimum efficiency.

All grader blades are built tough and durable in the United States with reliable construction by T. G. Schmeiser. They feature a reversible cutting blade, self-lubricating bushings on high-impact pivot points, 27-inch curved bucket height to promote optimum soil roll and easy-to-adjust reversible guage wheels. Hydraulic depth control is standard.

For over 80 years, T. G. Schmeiser Co., Inc. has been manufacturing and delivering versatile solutions for progressive soil management. Equipment is designed to work in conjunction with many other farm implements to help save time and money.