ACH Seeds Sparkle with New Diamond Plated Treatment Series

Industry Report

Published in the January 2014 Issue Published online: Jan 10, 2014
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ACH Seeds Crystal brand sugarbeet seed has become a major contributor to the U.S. sugarbeet industry over the last 15 years. ACH Seeds representatives have avidly listened to and collaborated with growers in meeting operating goals.

In response, U.S. sugarbeet growers have gained high-performing varieties, seed-enhancement products and seed treatments that improve seed performance and stand establishment. Continuing this tradition, new for 2014 is Crystal brand’s Diamond Plated treatment series, the next evolution of seed treatment and enhancement products targeted to sugarbeet growers. Diamond Plated sugarbeet seed effectively bundles seed treatments and enhancement products within each U.S. sugarbeet growing region.

“The Diamond Plated treatment series incorporates priming with market specific seed treatments, enhancing both seedling protection and genetic potential during the critical emergence stage,” said Dave Braaten, national market manager for ACH Seeds Inc. “Producers will be pleased with the ease and simplicity of choosing Diamond Plated sugarbeet seed.”

Seed enhancement products have contributed greatly to emergence and seedling health over the last few years. In addition to Allegiance and Thiram, considered “standard seed treatment” for many years, ACH Seeds began priming seed in 2006 to support healthy seedlings. At that time, industry research strongly supported a priming process designed to increase uniform emergence and stand establishment. Since the introduction of priming, seed treatments have also been applied that increase disease tolerance protection in early seedling stages of growth. With the introduction of Poncho Beta as a seed insecticide, designed to protect seedlings from the effects of curly top disease, seed treatments are carrying more of the input cost than ever before while offering seedling protection during the most critical stage of plant growth.

The newest seed treatment approved by the Environmental Protection Agency is Kabina ST, a seed treatment fungicide with an effective mode of action against Rhizoctonia seedling disease.

“We are very excited to offer the new Diamond Plated treatment series which now includes Kabina,” said Braaten. “Growers will gain even more control over seedling Rhizoctonia disease when they combine Kabina with a foliar applied fungicide.”

“Early plant health and vigor is critical to a achieving a high-yielding, top-quality crop, and this product will be another valuable tool in the grower’s tool box to meet this production challenge,” said Andy Bernia, ACH Seeds district market manager in Michigan. “The Diamond Plated Seed treatment series will add strength to our high quality genetics and benefit sugarbeet producers in all markets.”

Offered in Gold, Silver, and Bronze options in most sugarbeet growing areas, the Diamond Plated treatment series provides ordering convenience for growers. Each primed seed lot has treatments applied that meet regional requirements due to different and varying pest and disease pressure.

“Seed treatments play a more important role than ever,” said Burke Garner, ACH Seeds district market manager in Idaho. “The value proposition offered to growers with the addition of Kabina is huge and having this new tool in our treatment arsenal offers growers the best protection when they choose Diamond Plated sugarbeet seed.”

Customers should contact their local independent sales agent or district market manager to learn more about adding Kabina to their Diamond Plated Crystal brand sugarbeet seed.