New program integrates crop genetics info, inputs, irrigation technologies

Published online: Oct 04, 2013
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Syngenta and Lindsay Corporation recently announced the commercial introduction of Water+ Intelligent Irrigation Platform, an integrated solution designed to help corn growers realize the full potential of their irrigated acres.

Water+ Intelligent Irrigation Platform has been in development for several years in collaboration with corn growers, industry partners and Lindsay Corporation, and is supported by millions of data points collected through combine yield monitors across the western Corn Belt. In trials to date, Water+ Intelligent Irrigation Platform allowed growers to increase their corn yields while using less water.

Weather conditions during 2012 illustrated the relationship between water efficiency and corn yields but, according to David Elser, head of water optimization, Syngenta, water is more than just a cropping input, or a single-season concern.

"For a growing number of farmers, water efficiency is a long-term challenge affecting the ability to produce crops, land values and quality of life," Elser said. "Water efficiency is one of the biggest issues facing farmers today, and we can't afford to wait for the `well to run dry.' We are helping them take action right now. Because we think like a grower and look holistically at corn production, we understand the importance of water efficiency and have spent a great deal of time rethinking water."

 Water+ Intelligent Irrigation Platform components include:
* Locally adapted Syngenta corn genetics;
* Agrisure traits and crop protection inputs delivering improved water use efficiency;
* Lindsay irrigation technologies, such as FieldNET wireless irrigation management with Growsmart soil and weather sensor capabilities.

Elser said the integration of these components enables irrigated corn producers to maximize yield potential.

"Because our components work with each other, they deliver better results," he added. "Our new irrigated corn solution is designed to take the worry out of water efficiency and allow farmers to take control of their farming operations. It's as simple as receiving a text message or email alert. The alert shows up on your smartphone, tablet or computer and tells you exactly what action you should take on a specific pivot and when you should do it. So you can be at the soccer field watching your child and turning on Pivot #60. It's a lot more than a new technology - it's a life change for farmers."

Kirk Biddle, national sales director, Irrigation at Lindsay Corporation said Water+ Intelligent Irrigation Platform offers easy-to-use technology. It features remote monitoring and control of irrigation systems, the latest in center pivot technology to apply selected crop protection inputs more precisely and with greater flexibility, and seamless integration with FieldNET by Lindsay wireless irrigation management.

"FieldNET provides an integrated water, fertilizer and chemigation solution with soil moisture and weather monitoring, all with remote control capability," Biddle said. "It's the only tool with an app on both major smartphone and tablet platforms, which means less time in the field, less spent on valuable resources and greater control of your operation."