Agriculture Department posts shutdown plans

Published online: Sep 28, 2013
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The Agriculture Department has posted information on its shutdown plans in the event of a lapse in government funding.

The USDA's "Lapse in Funding Plans" website page contains links to download PDFs containing the shutdown plans for each agency, as well as general employee information regarding furloughs during a shutdown.

In the event of a shutdown, plans call for the Agriculture Department websites to be shut down. Unless otherwise directed by Office of Management and Budget, the website and USDA agency sites will go dark and be linked to a single page with a statement regarding the shutdown.

This means the information linked from the "Lapse in Funding Plans" page may no longer be available, so anyone needing to know an agency's plans may wish to download or print the agency's PDF before midnight on September 30.

Some agency functions and employees would be considered excepted from a shutdown, such as those essential to public safety and security.

Websites can stay up if tied to excepted functions, such as the Food Safety and Inspection Service's Public Health Information System, which is used by regulated companies to respond to inspections that will continue.