Reinke adds Ontrac Cell to remote management line

Published online: Jul 15, 2013
Reinke Manufacturing Company, Inc., a manufacturer of mechanized irrigation systems, is adding Ontrac Cell to its line of remote management products.

Reinke Ontrac Cell now joins Ontrac Radio, Ontrac Satellite and Ontrac Satellite Plus, working to provide growers with 24/7 real time monitor and control of their irrigation operation. The full product line is designed to readily integrate into Reinke and non-Reinke machines alike.

"Our Ontrac product line was developed to provide time-saving solutions for growers, and we are excited to now offer Ontrac Cell as yet another option for them," said Reinke President Chris Roth. "There are numerous benefits to implementing remote management tools for irrigation equipment. We encourage growers to reach out to their local Reinke dealers to learn more about Ontrac and see what system is right for their operation."

Ontrac Cell gives growers 24/7 access to check their irrigation status through the use of a cell phone, smartphone, tablet device, laptop or desktop computer. The program provides easy access to basic controls and monitoring on most brands of pivots through cellular networks. Ontrac Cell features include:

-Start, stop, GPS position, direction, pressure, rain, power status and more
-The ability to receive text or e-mail alerts
-Access through a secure website

Remote management products offer a wide range of benefits for growers. There is less wear and tear on vehicles and less drive time traveling to pivots. Fuel, electricity and labor savings. And growers are able to see pivot locations, start, stop and monitor pressure from almost any distance.