New spray nozzle technologies boost performance

Published online: Jul 09, 2013
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A new suite of tools to boost crop protection placement and performance is available to Canadian and U.S. farmers and custom spray applicators.

AppliMax Spray Performance Tools include nozzle performance and spray application measurement and testing systems, and spray nozzle lights to improve the application of crop protection products.

"Spray nozzles are the smallest part of your sprayer but can make the biggest difference in effective, uniform application," said Robert Letkeman, director of sales ATI Agritronics Inc. "Our new technology means farmers and custom applicators can ensure optimal spray application and even offer more accurate night time application options."

These new technologies, developed and distributed by ATI Agritronics Inc., are transforming the application of crop protection sprays by extending application opportunities to nighttime spraying and maximizing product performance through increased placement accuracy. AppliMax Spray Performance Tools provide everything a farmer or custom applicator needs to optimize spray product placement. Spray Performance Tools include a spray boom remote control, spray nozzle calibrator, nozzle pressure tester, water pH tester, wind meter, nozzle cleaners and safety equipment.

"AppliMax spray nozzle lights are opening application opportunities - allowing nighttime spraying when there is typically less wind, reducing spray drift," says Letkeman. "Slower evaporation of crop protection product occurs at night with cooler temperatures, allowing better plant absorption." High intensity LED lights on the AppliMax spray nozzle illuminate spray patterns, making it easier for operators to make sure nozzles are spraying correctly. The lights also include the patent pending Strobe spray pattern diagnostic setting to "freeze" the pattern and highlight distortions from blockage or wear.

AppliMax spray nozzle lights fit most sprayers and are now available for Case, New Holland, John Deere and most other brands. AppliMax Spray Performance Tools and spray nozzle lights are available from local dealers or by visiting