Military sees benefit of healthy snack rules

Published online: Jul 04, 2013

As the US Agriculture Secretary announced the Smart Snack rules for healthy school snacks last week, he was joined by a retired military officer.

The Smart Snacks in Schools program falls under the Healthy and Hunger Free Kids Act and replaces junk funds with healthy snacks during the school day. The law is meant to help address the growing incidence of obesity among children.

Retired Lieutenant Norman Seip with Mission Readiness applauds the new snack and meal requirements. He says being overweight or obese is the leading medical reason young adults can't join the military.

"Addressing the problem at the earliest stages is key and the school environment plays a vital role in encouraging healthy eating and exercise habits among children that can really last a lifetime."

New school lunch requirements with fewer calories went into effect this past school year which were later adjusted by the USDA when children, parents, ag groups and others complained that school kids were coming home hungry.