King trying to find a House farm bill solution

Published online: Jul 04, 2013

House Ag Committee member Steve King of Iowa admits there's a chance Congress won't be able to come up with a compromise on the farm bill.

But the Republican from Iowa says committee members are trying by meeting with individual Republicans who voted against it.

While the U.S. Senate approved its draft of the Farm Bill earlier this month, the House version of the Farm Bill was defeated last week - losing by a significant margin.

He says if they make changes to accommodate Republican's concerns, that might cause some Democrats who had supported the bill to oppose it.

"Balancing a teeter-totter so to speak and trying to get that fulcrum in just the right place where we can get 218 votes."

King warns that increasing cuts in the food and nutrition part of the Farm Bill - reducing so-called food stamp benefits - would likely gain Republican votes, but fewer Democrats would support that.

The extension of the 2008 farm bill runs out on Sept. 30.