Stutzman says its time to split the farm bill

Published online: Jun 24, 2013
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Indiana's 3rd District Congressman was one of 62 republicans to vote "no" on the farm bill. 

Marlin Stutzman says the bill is no longer a farm bill.

"I just can't in good conscience as a farmer vote for a bill that's titled as a farm bill and sold as a farm bill to the American people when so little of it actually deals with agriculture," he said. 

In fact, Stutzman would like to see the farm bill and the nutrition programs split. With the House's failed attempt to pass the farm bill Thursday-he feels this is how farm policy should move forward.

"For us to pass a real farm bill for agriculture we're going to have to stop this unholy alliance between a welfare program and farm policy," he said. 

Stutzman said the current proposed farm policy is actually pretty good.

"All of the work that has gone into the farm bill has had the ag community at the table making good, strong, positive changes to ag policy," he said. "But the other side wasn't at the table and just not willing to take any cuts at all."