Illinois offers tax breaks to woo fertilizer plant

Published online: Jun 06, 2013

Illinois is looking to bring a new fertilizer production facility to the state by offering as much as $35 million in seed money.

Illinois' Senate voted on Friday to provide the funding to the owners of Cronus Chemical LLC for building a new fertilizer production facility in Tuscola.

Cronus Chemical claims it is also being courted by Iowa officials.

Illinois lawmakers offered a mixture of state and local tax breaks as well as construction of roads and the connection of a pipeline to Champaign that will provide treated waste water to the plant as part of the offer.

The offer awaits the signature of Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, who has been reported to support the proposal.

If the project moves forward, Cronus would hire an estimated 2,000 employees to build a $1.2 billion urea production facility. Once finished, it would employ about 150 permanent employees.