FFA endowment a chance to give back

Published online: Jun 15, 2013
Agriculture consultant Glenn Stith says in the course of their estate planning he and his wife Maggie decided to give a gift to the FFA Foundation. It is the largest gift of its kind to the foundation.

Stith tells Brownfield they designated the money for the organization's leadership conference, because he says it can be such a positive life-changing experience for ag youth.

"That's what inspired my wife and I to select that event as one that we would really want to support because of lot of these kids don't really have the money to fund going to such an event like that."

Stith is a retired Monsanto employee and his wife, Maggie, is a director of the National FFA Foundation. He tells Brownfield they are pleased to be able to contribute and encourage others who are able to do so.

"That's where our youth get developed and that's where they make the decision as to which way they're going to take their lives so I would encourage others to at least consider these type things. We feel blessed and fortunate to be able to do this."

Stith and his brothers were all state officers growing up in Kentucky. Today, he and his wife live in Ankeny, Iowa.

The Glenn and Maggie Stith Leadership Development Fund Endowment will provide some $1,500 for 110 eligible FFA members a year.

Source: brownfieldagnews.com