Environmental Working Group `not surprised' at bill's downfall

Published online: Jun 21, 2013
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While many farm groups are disappointed at the House's failure to pass its farm bill, that's not the case with all organizations.

"We applaud the House for rejecting this bill," said Scott Faber, vice president of government affairs for the Environmental Working Group.

Faber told reporters on Thursday that he was not surprised by the outcome.

"The cuts to SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) were far too deep for most Democrats and the increases in subsidies were far too offensive to too many Republicans," said Faber, in a conference call shortly after the House measure fell to defeat.

During the call, Faber pointed out that an amendment was not allowed to be considered that would have provided means testing to qualify producers for crop insurance subsidies.

"The [House] Rules Committee also refused to allow consideration of many other reform amendments that would have been adopted and that would have made this bill much more palatable for many of the 62 Republicans who ultimately voted against it," said Faber.

Faber concluded the conference call by saying that "the right road is for the House Agriculture Committee to produce a better bill."

Source: brownfieldagnews.com