Doane announces upcoming Outlook Conference for 2013

Published online: Jun 20, 2013
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Doane Advisory's 29th annual Doane Outlook Conference will be held Oct. 21-22 in St. Louis.

This year's conference will include the seasoned team of Doane economists as well as featured distinguished experts in macroeconomics, crop consulting, agriculture policies, and more. Along with top presentations, participants will have ample opportunities for networking and engaging discussions.

Why Attend
The agricultural industry is ever-fluctuating, ever-evolving, and the Doane team can provide your representatives with the tools they need to navigate the industry and benefit your team: in-depth analysis on the current conditions of agriculture and markets, understanding of the drivers within agriculture, and guidance for the future outlook of the industry and specific commodities.

Who Should Attend
The Doane Outlook Conference is designed to service the entire spectrum of the agriculture industry from farmers and ranchers who grow crops and livestock to the processors and manufacturers who turn those commodities into value-added products. Agribusiness executives and managers and market research professionals, as well as procurement managers and buyers for food processors and restaurant chains will gain knowledge from some of the most respected leaders in the field. Financial partners, research professionals, traders, senior executives and others that are impacted by developments in agriculture markets will also benefit from the expert analysis provided at the 2013 Outlook Conference.

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