Valent Introduces New Seed-Applied Fungicide

Published in the May 2013 Issue Published online: May 30, 2013
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ValentValent U.S.A. Corporation announced that Rizolex fungicide has been registered by the EPA for use as a seed protectant on sugarbeets, soybeans, cotton, sorghum and corn.

When applied to seed as a foundational fungicide, Rizolex delivers unrivaled protection against a broad spectrum of soil borne and seed/seedling diseases, including Rhizoctonia damping-off and Fusarium. The new seed protectant offers a unique and needed mode of action and creates a strong protective zone around the seed for better stand establishment and increased yield across a variety of crops.

"Our research has shown Rizolex provides unparalleled protection against some of the toughest early-season and yield-robbing diseases-helping growers get that important start to the season so they can finish strong," said Karen Arthur, Valent seed protection product development manager.

"We believe Rizolex has a strong future in providing growers the Rhizoctonia and Fusarium control they need as part of their seed protection and disease control strategy."

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