Upcoming nitrogen use efficiency conference for ag practitioners

Published online: May 17, 2013
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The International Plant Nutrition Institute is a leading co-sponsor for an upcoming conference, to be held Aug. 13-15, 2013 in Kansas City, Mo., to identify solutions to the complex challenges surrounding improved nitrogen (N) use efficiency.

"Higher-yielding crops require wise nutrient input management to achieve realistically attainable yields, and to sustain and improve the soil fertility resource," says Dr. Cliff Snyder, Nitrogen Program Director for IPNI. "Increasing weather uncertainties, and the greater need to protect water quality and air quality, are making it more important than ever to understand the challenges and opportunities to improve farmer profitability while also protecting the environment."

Some small-scale studies have demonstrated that N losses to the environment can be minimized without jeopardizing profitable crop yields. Yet, N losses to the atmosphere as nitrous oxide and ammonia, and nitrate-N losses to surface water and groundwater continue at concerning levels that may pose serious environmental and human health threats.

Private and public sector leaders, who have practical experience in optimizing agricultural N use, and policy experts, will be presenting the latest management science. Case studies will be shared as examples of success, and opportunities for continued improvements in N use efficiency and effectiveness will be revealed.

Managers and advisers on cropland N management will be meeting with other stakeholders to explore the most effective and efficient N sources, implementation of 4R nutrient management, and adoption of technology tools to meet economic, environmental and social goals. Practicing agronomists, crop advisers and extension workers are especially invited to the conference.

All conference attendees can participate in Café discussion sessions designed to recommend actions and policies to improve N management with existing knowledge and technologies. Nationally recognized private and government VIPs will summarize the discussions and the stakeholder input in charting our way forward in optimizing N management.

More details on the conference agenda, registration, and lodging may be found at: soils.org/meetings/specialized/nitrogen-use-efficiency.