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Parma 12-Row Sugarbeet Harvester

Published in the May 2013 Issue Published online: May 31, 2013
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Parma 12-Row Sugarbeet HarvesterThe simplicity of the Parma 12-row Sugarbeet Harvester sets it apart from the competition with its unique design of the grabroll bed.

The full-width spiral grabroll across the back eliminates all bearing hangers or brackets under the grabrolls, reducing trash and mud build-up. An overall front to rear dimension of less than 20 feet long allows for quick turnaround times without the need for large headlands.

The sugarbeets are lifted directly onto the cleaning rolls, which then convey them across the grabroll bed into the large 58-inch rear squeeze chain elevator. This proven design eliminates the need for extra chains, transfer rolls and the massive chipping while still maintaining the same great cleaning capacity.

The large 4-plus-ton hopper provides just the right balance and the lighter weight allows for four evenly spaced rear floatation carrier wheels for stability and consistent row depth from side to side.

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