Ohio farm mom regional finalist

Published online: May 10, 2013
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One of the five regional winners in the running for the 2013 National "Farm Mom of the Year," to be announced on Mother's Day, is Sue Roehm of Highland County Ohio.

Roehm, the mother of two, says she's just like any other farm mom.

"I feel like I am just like so many other farm moms' out there, just trying to do my best," said Roehm. "Loved raising the kids on the farm, love raising the grandkids on the farm, did I do anything over and above, I don't know."

In addition to her duties on the farm, Sue finds time to be involved in her community as well.

"We attend the Leesburg United Methodist church and I do a lot of church things with them and of course we are still very active in Farm Bureau, so I still try to help them out when I can," Roehm said.

While she might be the Northeast Regional Finalist for "Farm Mom of the Year," when it comes right down to it, Sue says the truly outstanding woman is her mom.

"My mom's 91, she raised six of us kids on a teacher's salary, she's an outstanding woman," the Farm Mom of the Year finalist said. "And even at 91, she still volunteers at a soup kitchen in Wilmington 3 or 4 days a week, she's just amazing, so I had a good role model for anything I might have done."

Source: brownfieldagnews.com