Move to repeal so-called "Monsanto Protection Act"

Published online: May 22, 2013
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An Oregon lawmaker says he will introduce an amendment to the Senate farm bill to repeal the so-called "Monsanto Protection Act" which was included in the continuing budget resolution in March which Congress passed to avoid a government shutdown.

Senate Democrat Jeff Merkley of Oregon calls the provision "an outrageous example of a special interest loophole," which he says nullifies "the actions of a court which is enforcing the law to protect farmers, the environment and public health."

Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt got the provision included in March saying it will protect farm families, allowing them to proceed with planting of GMO crops approved by the USDA, but halted by the courts for further study on the environmental and other impacts.

Merkley says that rider wrongly allows the USDA to "override a judicial ruling to stop the planting of a GMO."

He says the  provision was "quietly and anonymously" included in the continuing resolution "to avoid public scrutiny."