Increase productivity with Richmond Ultimate Defoliator Unit

Published in the April 2013 Issue Published online: Apr 01, 2013

Richmond Defoliator Advantages to using the Richmond Ultimate Defoliator Unit include increased ground speed, better flexibility in difficult defoliating conditions, decreased PTO RPM speed and minimal damage to the beet.

"They not only work better, they are also less maintenance," said Brian Rayl, Unionville, Mich., sugarbeet grower, after installing Richmond Defoliator units on his defoliator. "It has greatly improved the quality of our beet crop that goes into storage until processing, which puts more money into our co-op beet payment."

Richmond Brothers Fabrication, located in Bay Port, Mich., has the unit available for all defoliator models in 4-, 6- and the new 8-bar unit. It's also available in 12-inch (6 flail), 14-inch (7 flail) and 16-inch (8 flail), depending on row width.

The Richmond unit is designed to eliminate side-to-side flail movement and is well balanced for minimized vibration. It possesses a 50-percent thicker flail mounting bracket and has a hardened 3/4-inch diameter flail rod for the best wearability in the industry.

The company specializes in beet harvester and defoliating parts.
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