Toro Releases AquaFlow 3.2 Drip Irrigation System Design Software

Published in the March 2013 Issue Published online: Mar 01, 2013

Aquaflow 3.2

Toro officials recently announced the release of AquaFlow 3.2, the company's latest update to its drip irrigation design software.

AquaFlow 3.2 now allows users to design multi-sloped telescoping sub-mains, and to choose between English or Spanish language and English or metric units. In addition, Toro's new Thinwall dripline is supported in this new version which complements Aqua-Traxx premium drip tape and BlueLine dripline. A summary of the capabilities of AquaFlow 3.2 include:

 Supports Toro's new Thinwall dripline

 Multi-sloped telescoping sub-mains

 Spanish language

 Metric units

 Improved report printing options

 Ability to import and export designs

 Unique dashboard format with tiled graphs

 Instantly generated color-coded block maps that depict system uniformity

 Easy comparison of two different lateral selections

 Pull-down menus for easy viewing

 Multiple slopes in both the lateral and mainline programs

 Choice of multiple sub-main and mainline pipe types and sizes

 Lateral and sub-main flushing calculations

 Customizable reports that may be saved in multiple formats

"AquaFlow has been extremely popular since its launch earlier this year," said Claude Corcos, senior marketing manager for Toro's Micro-Irrigation Business. "AquaFlow 3.2 is a powerful upgrade that will make the platform even stronger."