Roundup Ready Extend addresses glyphosate resistance

Published online: Mar 12, 2013
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Rotating chemistries is often recommended for overcoming or avoiding resistance issues.

Many growers have had to contend with just such issues for several years to the point that the viability of glyphosate tolerant crops - commonly known as Roundup Ready - is threatened as a tool to growers.

Monsanto's Roundup Ready Extend System involves soybeans tolerant to the herbicide dicamba.

"It'll provide growers with a solution to help manage some of these tough-to-control and glyphosate resistant weeds that a lot of folks have been dealing with," said Michelle Vigna, Monsanto's launch manager for the company's Roundup Ready Extend system. The system is another method to keep weeds guessing about what they're up against.

"The great thing about dicamba," said Vigna, "is it's bringing in a totally new mode of action, especially in soybeans, where we do have a limited number of options for broadleaf weed control today."