Next Generation Outback Guidance System Now Here

Published in the March 2013 Issue Published online: Mar 05, 2013
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Outback MAXThe new Outback MAX with Outback ConnX is the next generation Outback Guidance system that redefines simplicity in precision farming.

It works seamlessly with Outback eDriveX with eTurns. The Outback MAX integrated display terminal provides a full array of features including section and variable rate control, Eclipse L1/L2 GPS and GLONASS guidance, and video support for up to four monitoring cameras.

The Outback MAX mapping engine stacks imagery and data layers so growers can visually confirm that their field operations are appropriate or adapt immediately to any changes. By relating real-time application data directly to existing or historical conditions, customers can confirm that applications are on target.

Outback MAX also provides wireless connectivity via the Outback ConnX data management system to deliver real-time data access and management that is imperative for modern farmers. ConnX provides seamless data transfer between the Outback MAX terminal, office and service providers ensuring efficient, accurate decision making and farming operations. ConnX can automatically import and export data, engage customer service with remote control capability, and simplify connection to RTK correctors. ConnX is compatible with popular data platforms including AgJunction, AgVerdict, NutriScription HD, OptiGro and Precision.Ag.