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Published in the March 2013 Issue Published online: Mar 05, 2013
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Kinze EdgeVac vacuum meterKinze Manufacturing, Inc., announces a new planter for sugarbeets-the 3700, 24-row, 22-inch model. Available with bulk fill seed hoppers or conventional hoppers, the 3700 allows sugarbeet growers to maximize field efficiency with the Kinze bulk fill system.

"The Kinze EdgeVac vacuum meter can singulate pelletized sugarbeet seed with up to 99.1 percent accuracy," said Susanne Kinzenbaw Veatch, Kinze vice president and chief marketing officer. "We're proud to offer this outstanding accuracy to sugarbeet growers."

The 3700 model features:

 Bulk fill hoppers or conventional hoppers depending on grower preference, allowing maximum field efficiency from the Kinze bulk fill system;

 ISO monitor compatibility to allow growers to "plug and play" with ISO-ready displays, which simplifies setup and cab clutter;

 New Kinze seed tube sensors to allow the operator to monitor and measure seed skips, multiples and spacing on the display;

 A 300-gallon, planter-mounted liquid fertilizer tank to allow growers to apply low-rate or pop-up fertilizer without the need for tractor-mounted or towed tanks; and

 Hydraulic seed drive, which allows growers to adjust the planting rate on the monitor and to utilize prescription seed mapping to automatically change the planting rate.