Hypro Offers New Pumps with ForceField Technology

Published in the March 2013 Issue Published online: Mar 05, 2013
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9307 Series Centrifugal PumpHypro's newly designed 9307 Series Centrifugal Pumps with ForceField Seal Technology, a 2013 AE50 Award winner, will protect against today's harshest chemical and application environments.

"The ForceField Seal Technology is a maintenance-free design that automatically adjusts seal chamber pressures, ensuring mechanical seal life in all conditions," said Jared Krueger, product manager at Hypro. "Elimination of dry run and chemical bonding failures prevents costly in-season downtime. Hypro backs this pump with an industry first one-year warranty on pump, motor and seals."

The 9307 series pump handles high volume spraying applications at increased field speeds, allowing applicators to spray more acres faster. This results in timely weed and pest control, driving increased profits for growers. These pumps are designed for agricultural and industrial spraying and transfer of a variety of fluids such as water, insecticides, herbicides, wettable powders, emulsives and liquid fertilizers.