Great Plains Offers New 8-Row Rotating Corn and Soybean Planter

Published in the March 2013 Issue Published online: Mar 05, 2013

YP-825R StudioGreat Plains addresses previous concerns over the transport width of traditional 8-row planters with the introduction of its new YP-825R Yield-Pro Planter.

The entire mainframe of the YP-825R rotates on the hitch to narrow the transport width from a working width of 20 feet to a slim 11 feet, 10 inches for safe, convenient road travel. This new planter offers row spacing capabilities of 22 inches, 30 inches and 30-inch Twin Rows and utilizes Great Plains' field-proven 25 Series Row Units and Air-Pro Meters to ensure the ultimate seed placement and spacing-regardless of row spacing.

Each row holds a 1.6-bushel capacity poly seed box. Seed is gravity-fed from the boxes to the Air-Pro Meters. Offering unmatched singulation capabilities, Air-Pro Meters load seed in the seed disc with air pressure. As the meter rotates, the seed is held in the disc, then "dead dropped" into the seed tube, resulting in even, uniform spacing.

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