Farm Mom of the Year brings all farm moms in spotlight

Published online: Mar 12, 2013
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Debbie Lyons-Blythe is not afraid to say it. "It's really fun to be in the spotlight for once."

The White City, Kan., cattle rancher does all things that are expected of a farm mom.

"We've been out there milking the cows, feeding the chickens, taking care of farm work just as well as taking care of the home and the kids," she said.

But she laments that farm moms are seldom recognized for the chores they gladly do daily. That changed for her when she was chosen the National Farm Mom of the Year through Monsanto's America's Farmers Program.

"I'm the day-to-day labor on the farm," she explained. Her husband, a banker, works in town, which leaves her with the responsibility of completing a big portion of what needs to be done.

"I'm in charge of keeping the kids going and making sure the cows are all taken care of," said Lyons-Blythe, who does what she can to tell the farmer's story through a blog and through personal appearances. "It's been really fun to kind of get out and connect with people."