AGREBON to build fertilizer plants in North Dakota

Published online: Mar 28, 2013

AGREBON has entered into an agreement with Progressive Nutrient Systems to incorporate its technology in small-scale distribution nitrogen fertilizer plants, which will be built adjacent to ethanol production facilities throughout North Dakota.

The goal of this project is to reduce the carbon footprint of corn-based ethanol production, while providing a localized supply of fertilizer to area farmers.

Based in Louisville, Colo., AGREBON uses established, proven scientific processes on a small scale to convert ethanol by-products and other waste streams into low-carbon, nitrogen-based fertilizer. The fertilizer can be used as an environmentally friendly, cost-effective input by ethanol plants to lower their carbon footprints, and it can also be used by farmers to grow corn.

"AGREBON offers a disruptive technology to drastically improve how ethanol is produced and how farmers gain access to fertilizer," said Justin Eisenach, CEO of AGREBON. "It has global potential to change the way we live. That's why we like to call it the 'iPad of the industry.'"

Initially, AGREBON's technology will be used in two fertilizer plants, which will be co-located at ethanol production facilities near the North Dakota towns of Hankinson and Casselton. Eventually, PNS plans to construct more plants throughout North Dakota.

"AGREBON's technology is key to the PNS business model," said Dan Olson, CEO and COO of PNS. "Together we can improve the environmental aspects of ethanol production and help ensure the industry's sustainability."