Farmers get 15.8 cents of the food dollar

Published online: Feb 08, 2013
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Farmers and ranchers receive only 15.8 cents of every dollar spent on food.

The National Farmers Union cites a USDA report indicating that marketing, processing, wholesaling, distribution and retailing account for more than 80 cents of every food dollar spent in the United States.

Among the statistics in the January report, dairy farmers get $1.72 for a gallon of milk that retails for $4.19 and wheat farmers net just 19 cents from the $2.99 paid for a loaf of bread. The farmer's take from a $4.69 box of cereal is a dime.

NFU President Roger Johnson says consumers should be made aware that even if prices increase in the grocery store, farmers aren't necessarily reaping a lot of extra income. The National Farmers Union updates its Farmer's Share report monthly.