Joker Offers New Tillage Technology

Published in the November 2012 Issue Published online: Nov 06, 2012
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Horsch Anderson introduces the Joker, a high-speed, high-performance, versatile tillage tool. Its high-speed compact disc design offers superb residue mixing, field conditioning, seedbed preparation and fertilizer incorporation for a wide variety of field conditions and applications. This new concept in minimum-tillage equipment features proven technology from Europe, which has been modified for the North American market.

The Joker is available in the MT series with 13- to 20-foot working widths, the RT series with 23- to 37-foot working widths, and the PT series with 30- to 40-foot working widths. Popular applications include tillage and seedbed preparation in row crops and small grains, CRP and hay-land renovation, and manure and fertilizer incorporation. The Joker can be used in the spring or fall to preserve moisture in dry ground or open up wet ground to speed up the drying process.

The benefits of the Joker revolve around its 20-inch notched discs. They can rotate faster than traditional discs, allowing the Joker to operate at speeds from 8 to 12 miles per hour. Compared with traditional tillage systems, it has been tested to complete fields in half the time or less on a per-foot basis, leading to significant time and fuel savings.

The compact discs not only allow faster pulling speeds, but also provide ideal residue management. The offset positioning and notched edges of the discs are engineered to finely chop long straws and mulch tough residue.

The RT and MT series Jokers come equipped with the Roll-Flex finishing system to consolidate mulched material into the soil for fast decomposition. Its steel rings roll over the top of freshly tilled ground to consolidate loose soil without creating the compacted soil layers associated with other tillage methods. Furthermore, the Roll-Flex eliminates erosion concerns, breaks down clumps, levels ruts and produces the ideal seedbed.

The larger PT series is equipped with the Roll-Cage and independent lift system. This finisher produces similar results as the Roll-Flex, but offers enhanced performance in extremely wet conditions.

For precise depth control, the RT and PT series come standard with the iDepth cab-mounted controller. The iDepth system continuously monitors the hydraulic-wing down pressure and automatically adjusts the hydraulic cylinders to consistently operate at the specified depth.

To float over rocks and other obstacles, the Joker includes torsion arms with a maintenance-free rubber suspension. This feature allows damage-free operation, as well as maximum trash flow through the discs.

Horsch Anderson