Classic Tractor Parade Sets Guiness World Record

Published online: Sep 26, 2012
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The Guinness world's record for a parade of classic tractors is now 964 tractors/drivers thanks to a determined group of tractor owners at the Nebraska State Fair.

The parade took place around the Fonner Park Racetrack after a morning thunderstorm as part of the opening weekend of events at the fair organized and sponsored by RFD-TV/RURAL TV.

In order to qualify, each tractor provided the VIN/Serial number and was at least 30 years old. Over 1,000 tractors/drivers participated in the parade. A representative from Guinness certified that 964 classic tractors met all of the requirements and drove continuously around the track for a minimum of two miles. The previous record was 745 held by Elbach, Germany.

A capacity grandstand was filled with over 10,000 viewers in-and-around the Fonner Park track who witnessed this unprecedented display of machinery of the past. At least 31 states were represented, with 730 entries coming from Nebraska and the rest traveling great distances including some entries coming from as far away as New Jersey, North Carolina, Texas, Alabama, Michigan, and Arizona.