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Spudnik Equipment Company LLC located in Blackfoot, Idaho started building Bulk Beds in the 1970s and has been supplying the industry with quality beds ever since. The model 4200 Bulk bed is available in a 30-in wide discharge belt in lengths from 20 to 26 feet long. The bed has a full length hydraulically operated side door to allow the Harvester boom to gently lay the potatoes in the bottom of the bed without bruising. A hydraulically operated end door is used to meter the flow of product out of the bed and a fold down tailgate makes loading a bed through the back with a Piler a simple process.

In 2011 a new option to increase bed unloading speed was introduced. The new control is available to unload the bed in manual or auto mode. In auto mode initially the bed will unload slowly as more torque and horsepower is needed to start the load moving. As the bed unloads the belt speed increases automatically as the torque requirement reduces. This allows a constant unloading volume of product allowing the bed to quickly unload and get back to the field for the next load without delay.


Trinity Trailer Manufacturing, Inc.


Eagle Bridge Bed: Trinity Trailer Manufacturing, Inc., based in Boise, Idaho, introduces a new generation of lightweight Eagle Bridge Stainless Steel potato beds. The beds are available in 20-foot through 30-foot lengths with 25-inch or 31-inch belt widths to handle potatoes, sugarbeets or grains. The bed is also available in carbon steel.

The new generation features the Trinity Trailer chain-and-flap unloading system that has made Trinity's trailers so popular. This unload system greatly reduces belt slippage in muddy or sloppy conditions and unloads with minimal bruising. The new gear pump and 7.5-hp electric motor generates extremely fast unload speeds (also available with PTO).

The new side door has eliminated latches, allowing the doors to open and shut smoothly without jamming. The inside shelf of the side door has been eliminated so there is no place for debris to collect, causing the door not to close. Trinity's high-capacity beds are also remarkably light. Twenty-foot beds, depending on how they are equipped, will typically weigh less than 4,500 lbs.

Western Trailers


Western Spud Express Belt Trailer: Durable. Functional. Valuable. These are the "haul marks" of the Western Spud Express Belt Trailer, a self-unloading potato trailer Western Trailer started producing in 1979.

Over time, they have continued to improve the design and functionality of the Spud Express, making the best potato trailer even better. The one-piece, high-tensile steel mainframe gives it a strong backbone with proven durability. All of the steel in the trailer is grit-blasted, acid-etched, primed with an epoxy primer and painted with acrylic urethane paint, resulting in a trailer that will keep up its appearance year after year.

Coupled with its solid backbone is a functional, aluminum, upper construction, designed for lighter weight, maximum payload and ease of repair. And some other valuable "pluses" for the Spud Express-it will drop more dollars to the bottom line with both larger payloads, and the highest resale value of any potato trailer on the market.

Double L

(800) 658-5085


Double L 900 Series Truck Bed: The Double L 900 Series Truck Bed is a multi-purpose, self-unloading truck bed that meets all your harvest and handling needs. Whether it is hauling potatoes, sugarbeets, grain or onions out of the field, the Double L truck bed will deliver with dependability and durability.

Quality components are an integral part of all Double L products, and the 900 Series Truck Bed is no exception. Auburn dual-drive planetary gearboxes, powered by Rexroth hydraulic motors, coupled with unsurpassed quality construction mean you get what you want-a quality product designed specifically to meet your needs, backed by a two-year warranty.

Their talented service team can repair and repaint used truck beds. Once they are finished, truck beds will look like new again.

TBEI, Inc.


Crysteel is a cutting edge manufacturer of Class 3 - 8 bodies, and conversion and trailer hoists, with an emphasis on municipal & utility applications.

Ox Bodies is a leading manufacturer of medium and heavy-duty (Class 6-8) dump bodies and accessories.

Rugby Manufacturing is a top-tier manufacturer of light and medium duty (Class 3-7) dump bodies, and conversion and trailer hoists.

DuraClass designs and manufactures premium performance Class 3-8 dump bodies, hoists and related equipment. Product portfolio includes landscaping, construction, municipal and snow/ice applications.

Hardee is a leading manufacturer of steel and aluminum dump bodies (Class 5-8), flat beds and dumps, roll off hoists, cranes and service bodies.

STC Trailers


STC Trailers was established in 2007 to build quality products and provide excellent service to people who need self-unloading trailers.

The minds behind STC Trailers are people who have many years experience in the business of commodity transportation with the need of self-unloading trailers. STC builds trailers that come standard as a two-axle, 42-foot x 96-inch and a 30-inch belt, and a three-axle, 50-foot x 96-inch with a 30-inch belt. They also build to meet different specifications, and they offer PTO or electrical unloading option as standard equipment. They will build a trailer specific to your operating needs, whether a full-swinging door or a flip-down tailgate.




Logan Load-Pro: Over the past few years, the Logan Load-Pro truck bed has become the most popular bed on the market. A few of the features that have made the Logan bed so sought after are:

 Ratchet Jacks on all four corners of the bed for easy belt adjustment;

 Bolt in cross members in the frame rails to allow the bed to flex, which prevents cracking;

 35 percent more carrier rollers for improved load carrying capacity.

And new this year, Logan, along with its hydraulic specialists has developed an advanced hydraulic system that allows the load to be broken with less pressure and unload faster and easier than ever before.




Rancher Body: Rugby offers high reliability in a utility flatbed design. The corrosion-resistant aluminum design eliminates paint expense and increases body value at trade-in. Aluminum weighs up to 50 percent less than traditional steel, increasing payload capacity, minimizing fuel consumption and improving truck life.

The aluminum Rancher Body features an 1/8-inch thick aluminum tread plate floor, 7-inch-long formed J-channel rails and 1/4-inch aluminum cross sills, 4 3/4 inches tall. The rear apron is also 1/8-inch-thick aluminum tread plate and includes cutouts for stop, tail and turn lights.

The Rancher body bulkhead features cutouts for a brake light and two cargo lamps. All lighting meets FMVSS-108 standards. The unit's rear step bumper offers protection, as well as access to the floor. A tapered bulkhead reduces wind resistance.

Rugby also offers a complete line of aluminum dump bodies in the most utilized sizes and capacities in the industry. Rugby manufacturers Class 3-5 dump bodies, truck and trailer hoists, landscape bodies, platforms and related truck equipment and accessories.


Frontier Manufacturing



Frontier Manufacturing, located in Wahpeton, N.D., builds high-quality, all-steel box truck buds among other products. They will design and manufacture individual specifications clients request with dump bodies, LCG grain boxes, end dump trailers, hoppers and asphalt and gravel boxes.