University of Idaho Snake River Pest Management Research Tours

Published online: Jun 26, 2012
 University of Idaho Snake River Pest Management Research Tours that will be held at the Aberdeen R&E Center (1693 South 2700 West) on June 27th and the Kimberly R&E Center (3806 North 3600 East) on June 28th.

Both tours begin with registration at 8:00 am and the tour starting at 8:30 am. A sponsored lunch at noon will conclude the tours. Attendees will received 3 ISDA pesticide applicator recertification credits at each location. 

A list of some of the disease, insect and weed control studies we will see at Kimberly on June 28th in sugarbeets-
1.    Comparing sugar beet productivity, disease, insect, and weed incidence and management in three tillage systems.
2.    Influence of irrigation incorporation timing on the effectiveness of soil-active herbicides applied with glyphosate for weed control in sugarbeet.
3.    Tank mixtures of glyphosate with other herbicides, fungicides and insecticides for weed control in sugarbeet.
4.    Comparison of Warrant application timing and tank mixtures to Outlook tank mixtures with glyphosate for weed control in sugarbeet.
5.    Soil water content, disease, insect, and weed response in strip-till sugarbeets.
6.    Effects of beet leafminer flies on sugar beet yield.
7.    Sugarbeet leafminer and bean aphid insecticide trial.
8.    Sugarbeet root aphid resistant variety and insecticide trial.
9.    In-furrow applied fungicides for the control of Rhizoctonia damping-off and late season Rhizoctonia.
10.  Effects of different irrigation levels on the severity of Rhizoctonia root rot.
11.  Pocket diagnostic kits for the detection of Rhizomania

Additional research:
1.    Volunteer chicory control in small grain.
2.    Evaluating registered and non-registered herbicides for weed control in chicory.

Small grains
1.    Crop tolerance, wild oat and broadleaf weed control with Axial XL tank mixed with broadleaf herbicides.
2.    Wild oat and broadleaf weed control with wild oat and broadleaf herbicide combinations.
3.    Crop injury and weed control with several broadleaf herbicides.

1.    Pre-emergence and postemergence herbicides for weed control in Roundup Ready corn.
2.    Comparison of Mn and Zn products for injury potential and some preemergence and postemergence herbicide combinations in field corn.

Dry Beans
1.    Broad Axe, NAI-1333 and NAI-1334 for weed control in dry bean.
2.    Black bean and small red bean response to acetochlor applied preplant incorporated and early postemergence

Potatoes- 1115 to 11501.   
Colorado potato beetle response to potato varieties
2.    Potato psyllid insecticide trial and wireworm insecticide trial
3.    PVY, hairy nightshade, and insect vector interactions in potatoes
4.    Weed control in potatoes with herbicide tank mixtures

1.    Fungicide trial in alfalfa

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Pam Hutchinson at 208.397.4181 or for the Aberdeen tour and Oliver Neher at 208.428.6688 or, or Erik Wenninger at 208.423.6677 or, or Don Morishita for the Kimberly tour, 208.423.6616 (KREC) 208.736.3616 (TFREC)