Landoll: Vertical Tillage

7400 Series 5-Section Vertical Tillage 9600 Series Field Cultivators

Published in the June 2012 Issue Published online: Jun 12, 2012
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LandollLandollThe benefits of vertical tillage and the need for large-acreage productivity have seamlessly come together in three new Vertical Tillage Plus machines from Landoll. Available in working widths from 39' 9" to 49' 9", the 5-Section VTplus, can cover up to an impressive 42 acres per hour, while sizing and anchoring residue and mixing a shallow layer of soil-all at speeds up to 8 ½ miles per hour. When coupled with the previous VTplus models, the Landoll 7400 Series line of vertical tillage machines becomes the largest in the industry.

Promising a "new era in field cultivators," Landoll introduces its new 9600 Series Field Cultivator line that takes seedbed preparation to a new level of size and productivity. Available in eight working widths from 20- to 50-feet, the 9600 Series is designed to help producers meet the short timeline that occurs each spring and fall prior to planting seasons.

The 9600 Series Field Cultivators are also designed to save time when switching from one field to another. Three- and five-section models hydraulically fold to a maximum transport width of 17' 4" and a maximum transport height of 13' 11" for safe travel over the road.

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