IDEAg Interconnectivity Conference

Published online: Jun 21, 2012
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The IDEAg Interconnectivity Conference is the first of its kind event bringing together the whole interconnected agriculture sector for three days of cutting edge education, exhibits and networking. The most innovative crop and animal agriculture producers will gather with top technology and equipment suppliers to discuss the key issues in our connected agricultural future.

The Objective of the IDEAg Interconnectivity Conference

The objective of the IDEAg Interconnectivity Conference, June 25-27, Altoona, Iowa, is to bring together Farmers, Producers, Agribusiness Leaders and the technologies that will be essential for our interconnected future. The IDEAg Interconnectivity Conference is an educational forum that provides information and allows discussion on the complexities of our interconnected age.

INTERCONNECTED AGRICULTURE: noun: the science, art, or practice of cultivating the soil, producing crops, and raising livestock using interconnected technological tools that are connected via software, equipment, wireless remote, satellite, sensing and more. ROI is strongest when data can be captured.

IDEAg Group (IDEA-ag) Group delivers an optimal experience to attendees, exhibitors and industry thought leaders, unlike any other in the agricultural space. Through its established farm show events (Farmfest, Dakotafest, Amarillo Farm and Ranch Show, Northern Illinois Farm Show) and innovative new summits and conferences (Interconnectivity Conference), the IDEAg group is dedicated to bringing interactive, content-rich, high-value events to the marketplace that connect producers to the providers of new and innovative solutions to agriculture.

Demographics from registration unveils a global interest in interconnected farming. Data points for attendees include:

- 80% use smartphones

- 50% have installed interconnected systems

- 70% plan to purchase and/or add to current interconnected systems

- 70% plan to purchase application systems

- 80%  plan to purchase monitoring systems

- 60%  plan to purchase remote sensors

- 40% plan to purchase full software packages for on farm interconnectivity

- The average size of farmer/producer operations is 2700 acres

- Registrants are from 44 counties in Iowa,  12 counties in Illinois, 14 counties in Minnesota, 21 counties in Missouri and 12 counties in Nebraska

- Of the producer/farmer registered attendees 61% are in production row crops;  44% are in row crops and livestock; and 21% are in specialty areas including fiber, produce, and forage

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